At Herlihy Mid-Continent Company (HMC), SAFETY always comes first. Guided by our “Goin’ Home Safe” motto that we place on the front of every safety manual, we put into practice what our words promote. As a company, HMC has implemented safety programs that provide the necessary guidelines, education, and training to ensure that every employee GOES HOME SAFE every day we work. In addition to the peace of mind, our safety programs provide our employees and their families, HMC is proud of our selection as Finalists twice at The Associated General Contractors of American Safety Excellence Awards Competition.

From management to the craft workers, all team members understand that safety comes before all else. Motivated by our innovative safety program, its design inspires everyone with tangible results and rewards for their dedication to safety and health. It works because:

  • We deploy competent people on the job site who develop plans (JHA’s) to identify and eliminate hazards.
  • We require extensive new employee safety orientation
  • We provide constant education and training so that all team members are up-to-date and qualified for every challenge and task.