In Downtown Chicago, circa 1919, company founder F.J. Herlihy set the footing for his construction company and Herlihy Brothers Construction Company of Illinois was born. Initially, our journey began constructing buildings and other important structures around the City of Chicago. Early projects helped build our reputation as dedicated and skilled craftsmen with a penchant for safety and quality construction.

During the roaring 1920’s, Herlihy Mid-Continent Company was incorporated and officially established. We solidified our place as a leader in the region when we constructed 70% of the original upper and lower Wacker Drives, a visionary project that required extended hours of highly skilled work using advanced construction methods. Now a landmark of Chicago, upper and lower Wacker drives still stand as a milestone in urban construction.

The Company ultimately moved to a new facility in the southwestern suburbs, providing additional space for expansion. The new space permitted us to house our own maintenance shop and included a large yard for equipment and material storage. Today, with 90+ years of experience, Herlihy Mid-Continent Company is a leader in the construction industry. As a strong, solid Company, Herlihy has earned an extraordinary reputation for excellence in concrete construction throughout Metropolitan Chicago and the region.

As a family owned and operated Construction Company, Herlihy Mid-Continent Company continues to live up to our reputation for safety, quality, and treating our team members and clients as partners in our success. We are proud of our heritage and look towards innovation and invention for our future.

At HMC, we take a broader view. We value the opportunity to provide quality workmanship while helping to improve the lives of those who use the bridges, roads, and buildings we help craft or improve.



At Herlihy, our next most important asset is our reputation. Everyone, from office personnel to the field leaders understands the importance of client satisfaction. To earn and keep client trust, we are committed to partnering.

HMC is an innovator in partnering, a systematic process of job-related communication that aims to empower contractors and owners to understand each other’s issues and concerns.

We continue to support our reputation for working fairly with our partners, subcontractors, and suppliers. Other companies like working with us because we say what we mean and deliver what we promise.