Herlihy Mid-Continent Company self-performs various types of installations of foundation systems on Heavy/Civil, Industrial and Private sector projects. We have a history of success providing innovative and cost effective solutions to challenging foundation system projects.

Deep Foundations
We install driven piles such as H Pile, Pipe Pile, Concrete Pile, and Timber Pile. HMC is skilled in the use of Diesel Hammers, Air Hammers, Hydraulic Impact, and Vibratory Hammers. Our expertise includes pile systems for bridges, buildings and other structures in varying types of soil conditions.

Earth Retention Systems
HMC specializes in installations of Steel Sheeting, Soldier Pile and Lagging, Helical Tie Backs, Cofferdams and Sea Walls. In addition to these installation types, we also specialize in Braced Excavation. Collaborating with leading Engineering Design firms, we offer our clients the most complete full service soil retention design and installation solutions available in the Industry.

We employ technically advanced piling equipment to all our solutions including installing sheeting with a hydraulic press when minimized vibrations are necessary. To protect our clients, we have the ability to monitor job site vibrations guarding against false claims from vibration damages to adjacent properties. We have developed low headroom methods of installing piling and perform load verification using Mechanical or PDA Pile Load testing.

Whether it is in support of excavation for a custom residential house or a sheeting cofferdam for the construction of a high-rise building foundation, our capabilities are diverse.